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About Us


Ulverstone primary School is located in the beautiful seaside town of Ulverstone on the North West Coast of Tasmania. Our school was the original school in Ulverstone and was first established in 1870. Our school is heritage listed and holds great value and strong connections with the wider community.

Our school has a tradition of providing high quality education for students aged from birth to grade 6 and this is based on our ongoing commitment to the pursuit of excellence. We currently have 440 students enrolled at our school coming from the surrounding community. Over the years our grounds and internal school facilities have been successfully upgraded to accommodate the implementation of best practice teaching and learning programs. Our teachers are highly confident, skilled educators who are committed to the continuous improvement of themselves and their teaching, developing high quality, challenging and engaging learning programs. In a culture of high expectations students are supported to achieve their personal best and to reach their potential. We have a strong focus on explicit teaching and strive to base all that we do on evidence and research based best practice. Classroom teachers are well supported by support staff and we work together to design personalised learning opportunities for students. Students participate in a range of specialist lessons including Health and Physical Education, Music and Art. Families have access to Specialist Support Staff including our School Social Worker, Speech Pathologist, School Psychologist and our School Nurse.

Our School Strategic Plan is closely aligned to the 2018 - 2021 Department of Education Strategic Plan as are our priorities, key drivers and values.


“Together, Today for Tomorrow” is simple yet powerful. It demonstrates the great importance that we place on continually working together to ensure that Ulverstone Primary School is the best that it can be so that all our current and future students reach their potential and succeed as connected, resilient, creative and curious thinkers.


Getting Along - Reaching for the Stars - Creating a Special Place - Learning for Life


Quality Teaching - Respectful Schools - Collegial Leadership - Community Connections

If you are interested in learning more about our wonderful school please don't hesitate to contact our office team.

Yours sincerely

Cathy Bester